[VS] About Le Corbusier's Le grand comfort

Le Corbusier Grand Confort, original full-size,1929. Chromed steel; nylon webbing nickel plated steel glides, multi-density composite foam, Dacron-wrapped cushions, top-grain, semi-aniline-dyed leather. Middle one is called [Naked Comfort] created by John Angelo Benson. Straw bales replacing the foam structure and leather upholstery on the Le Corbusier LC2 club chair, from the Benson Collection of Corrupted Classics. That cardboard version of [le Gran Confort] is completely made of recycled materials, it includes already-been-used cardboard, nylon strapping, and rusted, forgotten steel, welded for the frame. via BeastFcae's Flickr. Challenge those masters!

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